Corneal Nerve Damage

by Anonymous

I posted about this, but I don't actually know where it is, so I will write again. I have had tremendous difficulty with my right eye since my cataract surgery in October of 2014 in Boston and would not have the other eye done, nor will I ever, because I was in so much pain. I have been to no fewer than eight doctors, some by referral, because a doctor couldn't find anything wrong with me, and some because I have been determined to find the problem from which I am suffering.

I have been diagnosed by several of the doctors as having dry eye, but no one did anything for me, other than telling me to use preservative-free tears and giving me a few other directives then dismissing me with no follow up visit. One even went as far as wanting to know what my "underlying problem" was, because no one could find anything wrong. I finally saw a doctor in Baltimore. He prescribed Restasis and Azisite, which seemed to help a little, but still no real relief.

Seven months later I am still in agony. The pain has affected my outlook on everything. I have been getting depressed and had almost given up hope, when I decided to call one more doctor. This doctor did not do anything for me directly, other than to say I did have dry eye, but she referred me to another doctor in Boston who, with a rare machine that he has, diagnosed corneal nerve damage. When he showed me what my normal eye looked like compared with my damaged eye, I couldn't believe what I saw. The lines looked like lightning strikes, all jagged and disconnected.

He is treating me for the nerve damage with the hope that they will eventually heal. I want people who have made entries on this page complaining of chronic eye pain and the constant feeling of having something in your eye, together with aching and occasional stabbing pain, and who say their doctors don't do anything, to not give up. Keep going until you find the right doctor. It's taken me almost a year and a half, but I am hopeful that this will finally be the correct diagnosis. If not, I will move on, but I will not take no for an answer.

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May 15, 2021
Eye pain after cataract surgery
by: Anonymous

I had the same cataract surgery my right eye had pain this eye looks bigger to me, I felt the cut in surgery, so now I am thinking I have nerve damage, Having more tests. They told me dry eyes, but my other eye is dry but not having pain like my right eye.

Jul 20, 2017
Also suffering from corneal nerve damage
by: Anonymous

Would you be kind enough to share w me the name of the doctor you found who was able to properly dog air and treat you? I have also been scrambling around from opthamologist to opthamologist desperately seeking some reprieve from
This daily agony. I, too, was diagnosed w dry eye but my real issue is corneal nerve damage from Lasik. What treatment/therapies have been offered to you? Has anything helped at all? My email is, if you wish to respond directly. My quality of life as I knew it is completely gone. I am utterly depressed but, of course, I have to function so I amble through each and every day with so spirit and no joy. I would be so grateful for any help you could offer me.

Jun 30, 2017
Nerve Damage after Cataract Surgery
by: Anonymous

For the dry eye and nerve damage, my ophthalmologist has recommended testosterone eye drops (FYI - I am female) and low-dose naltrexone. I'm not sure if it will work. I absolutely hate taking medications, especially one of this sort, but I am so uncomfortable I will give it a try. I've only been on the pills for about a week and have only minor relief. I will follow instructions to continue on this for a year, if necessary. Of course, both medications are not covered by insurance and are quite costly, so be prepared if you have to pay out of pocket. $123+shipping for the eye drops. $50 for the naltrexone. Both are 30-day supplies. Good luck.

Jun 29, 2017
Corneal nerve damage after cataract surgery
by: Sandy

What has your doctor recommended for corneal nerve damage. I have the same problem after cataract surgery 18 months ago. The surgeon said to live with lack of vision, dry eyes and finally after going to numerous corneal experts they diagnosed very dry eyes and corneal nerve damage from surgeon making the slit to put in replacement lens in wrong place. Now I have terrible varying astigmatism and dry eyes-
Vision worse than ever

Feb 13, 2016
Nerve damage
by: Anonymous

I have the same problem and up to now every doctor that I saw is telling me nothing wrong can you please provide me with the doctor name, my email address is:

Thank you

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