Concerned about eye pain after cataract surgery

As a young child I injured my right eye which required surgery. I developed a cataract in that eye and had surgery on 1/3/13 at age 49. I also have astigmatism in this eye so the Dr. implanted a toric lens. Durng surgery I heard him say he needed to manually implant a tension ring becuase I didn't have enough zonules. The next day after the anesthesia block wore off, I began to experience severe pain in the eye, redness, swelling, headache and light sensitivity.

I saw a doctor in the clinic (not my surgeon) on 1/4/13 for a follow up who said I had a scratched cornea and should expect 2-3 days to heal. It's been 3 days... and absolutely no improvement. I am concerned what the follow up Dr. saw was the scar tissue from my childhood surgery and that there could possibly be something wrong with the implant of the tension ring or toric lens.

After surgery the dr. came out to explain to me about needing to implant the tension ring and ask if I had some sort of trauma to that eye. During my very first evaluation appointment, I told him I had a previous surgery on that eye and he should have been easily able to see the scar tissue. My optometrist comments on it everytime I get an eye exam for new glasses!

This opthamologist acted like he had no idea. During my evaluation appointment he assured me I would have excellent results. To think I drove 3 hours to this guy because I thought he was one of the best in Michigan and would have a sucessful surgery. I have a follow up on 1/9/13.

I am very concerned and am praying for some good news.

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