Cataract surgery

by Virginia Sargent
(Elberta Alabama)

I had cataract surgery just before Covid. In early February. my surgeon told me it was the largest cataract he’d ever removed. He also said the only complication was maybe a piece of it would fall down in my eye. I went back to him the day after and he thought he saw a piece. However the next day he didn’t see it. About 3 weeks later, I developed swelling and discharge. I went BACK TO him and he told me to stop the 3 drops I was taking. Steroid, antibiotic and prolensa. It hasn’t improved and I have to keep my eye closed. I have another appointment the end of October. I also might add that I don’t and have never had FULL sight in this eye from surgery I had as a child. I only have peripheral vision. But I’m so weary of this irritation I could scream.

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