Cataract Surgery

by Carol Scott
(Manchester, UK)

I had routine cataract surgery in my left eye. Apart from the discomfort you would expect, I had a deep throbbing in my eye, made worse just by moving around. My vision wasn't good either. During my 1 week check I was told I had severe inflammation inside my eye which had raised the pressure. I was given 3 kinds of eye drops: intensive steroid drops, pupil dilating drops and antibiotic drops. It did improve thankfully but now 6 weeks on, my Optican has told me the pressure is still up in the eye and I may need to go back to the hosptal. The hospital told me on discharge all was ok but obviously not. I'm told I have been unlucky.

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Sep 26, 2012
Re: Cataract surgery
by: Brian Ang

Dear Carol,

It is good that the inflammation in the eye has settled. Sometimes, eye pressure can be a bit elevated after cataract surgery. In itself, this is not a major problem - many normal people have slightly high eye pressures.

The fact that the ophthalmologist at the hospital has discharged you from review suggests two things:
1. Your eye pressure is not at a level that is considered to be dangerous;
2. You do not have any clinical features that are suggestive of glaucoma (of which high eye pressure is the main risk factor)

My personal feeling is that this may be just the way your eyes are, and is not due to 'bad luck' or any problem with the eye after surgery. My suggestion is to let your optometrist monitor your eye pressure on a yearly basis. If the eye pressure consistently remains below 25 mmHg, then I wouldn't worry too much about it.

Kind regards,

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