Cataract surgery that resulted in an operation for complicated cataract surgery

by Jean
(Bexhill on Sea)

Prior to NHS cataract surgery, there is a reference to the fact that sometimes, 1 in a 1000 for example, things can go wrong. In my case, the surgeon I thought would carry out the operation, gave instructions to another, who clearly did not grasp instructions, and was bullied,and asked if he understood English. After two or three minutes, the surgeon took over and informed me that I was unfortunate, and that the lens had broken up, and the rest of the repair would take place in another hospital. It was rather casual, and I had to travel the next day, with overnight bag, should a stay in hospital prove necessary. I felt sick and had vertigo due to the high eye pressure, and that could not be brought down, over 12 hours, in the day room, so I was admitted for an emergency operation the following day. I was in hospital 2 nights.

I had a general anesthetic, as the operation is of 1 hour duration, when a cleaning of the eye took place, and a lens was inserted, etc.

I now await the final outcome, as to whether the vision is as good as it was prior to the operation (when it was to be improved so that I may only need reading glasses.) The operation was mid January this year, and I have large floaters, very black, in the eye, which I hope will settle in time. I await the day in a couple of weeks when I can have a test for new glasses... I suppose I am lucky to have the sight, even though there is little real improvement.

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Mar 15, 2014
Back with an add on
by: jean (Bexhill)

My next visit to the eye hospital, to see how things progressed, threw up a further 2 problems. High eye pressure (37) and after several tests and a scan, it was seen that I have a membrane on the macula, which distorts central vision, (hope I got that right) so it is back to drops (Cosopt, Yellox, Maxidex) and 2 tablets for pressure, until another check up in a week. Was the membrane there when I was seen as a candidate for cataract surgery? Is it due to the detached retina of 10 years ago.... these questions seemed to have no concise answer, and I await the day when I can go for those glasses! A way off it seems. Any opinions?

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