Cataract surgery gone wrong

by Brenda Williams
(Clearwater, FL)

I had cataract surgery on my right eye late 2015 and when I opened my eyes I saw what looked like half of a colored contact and floaters. The pressure went pretty high before I was taken back down to have fluid drained but within a half an hour's time the pressure built back up so I was sent home with prescription eye drops. I had swelling in my eye and had to go back every 2 months for a year and was given prescriptions for more eye drops. Nothing worked so I was sent to another specialist who found swelling in my right eye and bleeding in both eyes. After numerous visits and tests the swelling and bleeding finally stopped but I was left legally blind in my right eye. I now have to have the cataract surgery on my left eye by a different surgeon but I am still scared to death the same thing will happen to my left eye. No one ever explained to me what could have caused the damage to my right eye but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out if they waited to long to relieve the pressure it could cause rupture in the eyes. If anyone else experienced this same thing I would love to know if you ever found out what caused it. I also paid $1,500 out of pocket to have the astigmatism fixed in my right eye which was a huge waste of money being I am now legally blind in that eye. Praying the surgery on my left eye goes well and I don’t end up legally blind in both eyes. Best wishes to anyone having cataract surgery 🙏🏻 Bre

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