Cataract Surgery Chaos

by William Kreeger
(Indian Head, MD, USA)

My wife's Ophthalmologist recommended Cataract removal and performed the operation in a local Hospital. Following the recommended initial recovery time, the patch over her eye was removed. She had expected to experience good vision, however everything was blurred (could not even distinguish her hand in front of her eye). Upon seeing her ophthalmologist at follow up appointment, he prescribed eye drops. She was referred to, and has been seen by another ophthalmologist (specialist) who has provided shots to her eyes as well as additional eye drops. Her vision started to improve but was told that she was in essence temporarily blind in her right eye. Today her eye has started to develop pain and has become bloodshot and swollen. Why has all this happened?

Her Primary Dr. did inform her following surgery, that the cataract removed was very thick and had to be broken up to be removed. So far, a very discouraging situation. The cataract in the left eye is also supposed to be removed. However, she's now reluctant.

The cataract surgery was completed 13 months ago.

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Aug 04, 2014
Post cataract surgery chaos
by: William

Your comments are well received however, we are not able to travel outside of Metro area so Wash, DC. SO Md is best for us. I am care giver to 94 yr old Mother-In-Law also. Thanks for your input though.

Aug 03, 2014
Post Surgical issues.
by: Anonymous

Highly recommend that she go to Cleveland Eye Clinic where they have the knowledge and experience to treat very complicated and serious cases. Good Luck to both of you!

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