Cataract surgery a year ago

by Claudia
(Redlands, CA.,USA)

I thought that, generally, cataract surgery was "no biggy." I knew my Mom had problems with glasses after hers, but I didn't expect any complications. I had the surgery shortly after my son died of suicide, so I was in grieving mode. I had the surgery and noticed I couldn't see very well. I got new glasses 3 times; progressive lenses, no small expense. I thought maybe crying a lot was the problem. Recently, it has been over a year, I went to the eye doctor only to find out that my left lens has a blurry spot and I may need laser. Also, I have arthritis and was told that it affected my eyes, drying the eyes to a point I need more than over the counter drops. Restasis, I find out, is approximately $600. for three months and may not help. Many insurances will not cover it. Mine asked for a referral from my doctor so I don't know if it will be covered or not.

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Jan 19, 2018
Same Problem
by: Anonymous

I, also, had, and am still having four years later) a really bad time after cataract surgery. Due to a very upsetting family crisis, I had a very hard cry about 8 weeks after it. I have been convinced that it caused at least part of the discomfort I am experiencing, although I can find no proof. I was on Restasis for several months. It did not appear to help too much. I ended up getting most of it covered by insurance, but I had to have the doctor code the request as more than just dry eye. He had to use the medical term (keratoconjunctivitis sicca)for it in order to get the prescription covered. Because he did not do that for me originally, I practically wrote a book describing all that I had done to my eye and letting the insurance provider know that severe dry eye is keratoconjunctivitis sicca. Due to that technicality, it took me about three months to get reimbursed. Don't give up. I have gotten slight relief after all this time, and I am still pursuing options.

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