Cataract Operation for narrow angles

by Lorna
(Grimsby UK )

I thought the slight fuzzy vision was because I needed new contact lenses.The optician found slight high pressure due to Narrow Angles. My GP referred me to a an eye clinic working on behalf on the NHS to see a consultant eye surgeon, who decided a cataract operation was the way to go.I asked him about drops or YAG laser? He said because of my age (76 years) best to do the IOL lenses as I would suffer from cataracts at some time, even though I had no sign of them at the time. I also was told my macula was in excellent condition. Six weeks after my operation on my Left Eye I complained the vision was not as clear, he didn't examine it and went ahead with my Right eye. I complained repeatedly about my Left eye and finally he examined it, rushed me off to the hospital with a letter, explaining I had Wet Macular Degeneration in my Left eye.I have now had 6 anti-VEGF injections without much improvement and have another 3 booked. On Monday 1st July I saw a consultant at the hospital clinic who is now concerned after finding high IOP of 27 in both eyes. She thinks I have early open/close angle glaucoma (not sure which she said ). She said I need to use drops one each eye at bedtime. I was at my Opticians only 7 days before this ,who tested my pressures and they were within a normal range. Explaining this to the consultant, she said it was because he used the puff of air method, and at any rate she wasn`t sure she like the look of the nerve endings. She then suddenly gave me the choice of the drops or not the drops. I asked her why. She said, "Well, we could just monitor the pressures or treat them." I asked if they would do any harm if they were not really needed and she said no. So totally confused, I asked her for them. The consultant showed me out before I could ask her anymore questions. I wanted to ask: Had the anti-VEGF injections caused high IOP or the fact both my eyes had been dilated and I had waited over an hour afterwards before I saw her, so the pupil were mid-dilated. Now I read that Lucentis which she has changed me to for the anti-VEGF injections 1st one on 11th July can increase IOP and I know the hospital clinic does not check IOP before or after they give the injections. What a predicament I am in. I am going to have to pay the optician to do a IOP test before I can decide if it is safe to have the Lucentis injection on the 11th. All this because the original consultant I saw did not follow NICE guidelines on Narrow Angles and high IOP. 1st drops and then YAG laser.

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