Tiny permanent droplets in field of vision following cataract surgery

by Allegra
(Colorado, USA)

I had cataract surgery with implantation of a Symfony lens. Following surgery, I noticed a large number of very small, grey dots in the upper left quadrant of my field of vision. These dots appear very similar to tiny raindrops on a window. They are more noticeable when I am in front of a reflective surface, such as a car windshield, or my computer screen, or in certain lighting conditions. The grey areas seemed to be haloed with a small ring of white, which lends to the similarity to droplets of liquid. It is now four weeks since my surgery, and they are still there, although my brain seems to have made an accommodation since I do not notice them constantly. These are not floaters, as they appear in a predictable location and do not 'float' but rather move as I change the focus of my eye (e.g. from left to right).

My surgeon professed himself to be perplexed, saying only that they might be biologic debris left over from the destruction of my natural lens in surgery. This seems unlikely to me owing to the highly regular, round shape of the dots. My first thought was that something had been spilled or sprayed on the lens prior to or at the time of positioning it in my eye. The surgeon thought this unlikely and didn't think it necessary to see me post-operatively.

Has anyone else had a similar experience?

Have any eye specialists seen this previously? Or care to hazard a guess as to what has happened?

Thanks to anyone who responds.


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Feb 20, 2018
tiny bubbles after cataract surgery NEW
by: Anonymous

My mom had her surgery done 1/2/2018. Your description is exactly what she is experiencing. She is going to see the doctor tomorrow.

Feb 10, 2018
Droplets in field of vision
by: Art

I have not had this specific problem but I do know that it sometimes just takes time for issues like this to clear up. I had cataract surgery on both eyes about a year ago. My vision was so bad in my right eye following the surgery that I couldn't even see the huge E on the eye chart. For several weeks, it was so bad I couldn't tell a chair from a table in my house. The problem was caused by swelling in my cornea. My doctor just told me to be patient and it would clear up. After about a month, clear sharp vision appeared and I was very relieved.
I don't know whether time will help your issue, but sometimes patience does the job. Good luck with your problem.

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