Removal of cataract in left eye. Have always been sensitive to drops for dilation

by Meredith B. Dunn

My left eye had the cataract removed on Dec. 10th,2014. I am very sensitive to dilating drops my reg.eye Dr.uses special drops that leave eyes dilated for 1 day. Other drops leave my eyes dilated for 3-5 days.The surgeon had to use all the heavy drops to get the best results for the implanted lens. Surgery went well, went back next day to get dressing off, to learn that my pressure was 51. Given drops that brought pressure to 16, where it has remained. Been back every other day because my iris stayed dilated for the next month. Given new drops today to try to shrink iris. Have been on other drops to shrink the iris. Was told today that the vision is two lines better than last week, but told today that muscle might have been damaged during surgery. Just spoke to regular eye Dr. who said to give it two weeks,and in meantime he will contact his friend at Wills Eye Hospital and see what direction we should go in if it is still not right. I'm scared to death for my vision, and have to live in the dark for now, as lights and any sunshine kill me.

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