My recent cataract surgery

by Loretta
(Morgantown wv)

Had cataract surgery approximately 8 weeks ago in my left eye. Right eye was done first and all went well. Left eye has what looks like a black spider in it. My eye doctor explained what happened and said it was steroids that he put in my eye and that eventually it would dissolve
It hasn't yet. I am being seen by my eye doctor on a regular basis Still putting drops in that eye. He says the lens is in a perfect position. I am very frustrated still have not been able to get new glasses. Having to use readers.

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May 26, 2017
by: Anonymous

I think the "spider" thing should eventually lessen. I had some very bad floaters that appeared several months after surgery, including something that looked to me like a spiderweb across my entire eye. They have decreased. Takes time. I wish that was all that happened. I have had pain and aching in my right eye for the past 2 1/2 years. No one can determine what is causing it. I even have had an MRI and am waiting to hear back. I would think if it were something, though, I would have been contacted by now. It's been four days. I'm running out of patience and hope. Will not have other eye done ever!

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