Had cataract surgery

by M. Thompson
(Vidalia, Ga.)

Had the laser surgery 8 months ago. Still cannot see as well as I could before. My eyes swell. I use prescription drops every 12 hours plus moisture drops all day every day. I started sleeping with an eye mask and my eyes feel better in the mornings but no improvement in my vision. I would rather have the cataracts than less vision.

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Jan 22, 2020
My sympathy NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi, I wish I could be more positive, but I had cataract surgery about five years ago. My vision is worse than it was before. I have double vision, and I can no longer drive at night at all.
I am in constant pain and/or discomfort. I have been to no fewer than 15 doctors to find relief, but none of them can actually do anything for me. I constantly use preservative-free eye drops and gels for relief, which only lasts for a few minutes. Every day I regret my decision for surgery.

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