Cataract surgery

by Edythe
(Tucson,AZ, USA)

Eight years ago,I had cataract surgery on my right eye. Since then, my left eye was a bit blurry. Therefore, realizing that the problem was not going to go away, and that I was now eight years older---it was time to do something.

Prior to the surgery in June of 2019, I had mono vision. As a result of this surgery I no longer have that situation. Mono vision I was recently told, is one eye is nearsighted and the other is farsighted.

I am now adjusting to this new eye condition. I did not understand the term mono vision.I thought it had to do with one lens in eyeglasses. So-- I did not convey the right info. to my opthomologist

Hence, make sure you understand all aspects of undergoing cataract surgery prior to the surgery.

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