Cataract Surgery Complications

by Michael
(New York)

In December of 2010 I had my right eye lens removed and replaced with a Restore multifocal lens. In March 2011, I had the left eye's lens replaced with the Restore lens.

Four months later I had the first Restore lens removed and replaced by a clear lens. And then I had the second Restore lens removed and replaced.

My experience with the Restore lens is as follows: 1) I was unable to determine depth of field; 2) I experienced significant "shimmering" of objects; 3) I experienced continuous movement of objects and backgrounds in "wavy" motions 4) I experienced continuous "spiderweb" glare when looking at lights.

Note: my vision with the Restore lens was 20/20.

Opinion: Think long and hard before choosing a Restore multifocal lens.

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