Bad surgery and I am going to fight back.

by sharon

I had cataract surgery on May 21st 2014. The very next day when I went back to the doctor for a check up he took off the bandage and said: "Wow, your cornea is swollen - I didn't expect that." Had headaches, shooting pains, needles sticking sensation, and was unbalanced on my feet. For 4 weeks couldn't see - it was like looking through Vaseline in my eyes. Went back again and again told to wait for it to heal. After 6 doctors in the same group including a cornea specialist, retina specialist, and glaucoma specialist, and 2 ophthalmologists, I finally went to 2 outside doctors and was told that the lens was not in place. I have itching, burning and blurred vision when trying to read or watch TV. Too many problems to list. Almost 4 months later, the cornea is still swollen at the surgical site with no relief. The new doctor doesn't even know if it can be fixed. The cornea itself is damaged. Now I am seeking the advice from a lawyer.

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